yes I did it

I signed up for the star trek big bang & have 11000 or so words written. Only 9000 to go! *horrors*. For a person who writes mostly short stuff this is monumental. Anyway although there are still huge gaps I was wondering if someone would look it over for me?

star trek big bang

Should I sign up is my question to myself. I have 16000 words of an Jim/Bones AU I started years ago for reel-star trek & surprisingly have had the muse stirring to finish it. I wonder if I should? ?

into the darkness

The local cinema hasn't got a midnight showing os Star Trek :( the nearest is 110 ks & 3 hrs of roadworks away. And tomorrow I'm working *pouts* I'll have to wait until evening

*waves at flist*

Hi all! I've been away a looooong time for me. Real life has interfered and is still kicking my ass in a big way and one day I will tell all.

But right now I have a request - does anyone have eps 2.08 & 2.09 of Game of Thrones in .avi format?? And if so can you link me to it??? *bats puppy eyes*

I am so addicted to this show and am dying to catch up, but the only files I've downloaded won't play!

There will be thanks in abundance from me I assure you :D