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Gen fic organisational post

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One-shot fics

Dogs (Crew)

Didn't fight in no war (Jayne)

Song (Jayne, Crew)

Secret of women (Inara, Jayne, Crew)

Cerulean (River)

Serene (River, Wash)

Quietus (Simon)

Six men came to kill me one time (Jayne)

Askew (River, Jayne)

Some pets just chooses you (Jayne, Crew)

Bones (Jayne)- a comment fic



Letters (Jayne, Crew, OCs)

Corresponding notes (Kaylee, River, Crew, OCs) - a companion series to Letters


firefly100 drabbles

Asleep (Wash, OC, implied Jayne)

Music (Wash, Book)

Wriggle (Jayne, Kaylee, River)

Sparkle (Crew)

Be calm (River, Jayne)


Liking it (Kaylee)

Sparks (River)

Pyre (Simon)

Adrift (River)


several_ways fics

Several ways to make an entrance (River, Jayne, Simon, Kaylee)

Several ways to say goodbye (Jayne)

Several ways to say goodbye - version two (River, Zoe, Mal, Jayne, Kaylee)

Several ways to burn dinner without even trying (Simon, River, Zoe, Mal, Jayne, Kaylee)
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