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Drabbles ahoy!

My first four drabbles written for guinny_hamilton. These are my first non-Firefly fics ever - hope they're ok? *wibble*.

The character chosen by my nemisis was another Adam Baldwin one. Mike Rogo from Poseidon Adventure.

Prompt: Sun

“Well let’s hope there’s no bombs this time,” Colin Brady joked.

Mike’s fist clenched as his boss walked out the room. If one more person made a crack about him sinking his next boat he was going to sink them, he fumed.

It’d been three months since the boat sank. Three months of interminable interviews and counselling, three months of waiting to go back out to sea. And now that he was finally getting to go back out he got landed with training a new sea marshal.

All he hoped, he thought closing his eyes, was that the new marshal wouldn’t get seasick. Or involved with a passenger, or arrest a senator (who’d done nothing), or…

“Mike Rogo,” Brady was back. “I’d like to introduce your new trainee, Guinny Hamilton.”

“Pleased to meet you,” the girl smiled and shook his hand.

“You too,” he muttered looking her over and frowning. Her milky skin wouldn’t last one second in the sun.

Prompt: purple

“Hi Mike!” Guinny’s cheerful voice startled him out of his morning coma and he gaped at her purple covered form. “You want to come for a run?”

“No,” he shuddered at her enthusiastic jogging on the spot. “Exercise is overrated.”

“Maybe for you,” she replied cheekily, turning to go. “But I’m going to be in shape to chase the bad guys down.”

“That’s good,” he retorted. “You chase ‘em toward me and I’ll shoot them.”

Prompt: laptop

He’d been wrong about her skin Mike decided as he watched Guinny at the laptop. She didn’t burn, didn’t even turn pink like ordinary people would. She just tanned a light golden brown that made him want to investigate how far the brown went.

“Mike,” Guinny nudged him. “What do you think?”

Prompt: lampshade

“Got you this time,” Guinny pounded after the thief. He turned into one of the shops and she chased after him calling Mike on the radio as she ran.

Tripping over an extended leg she was sent sprawling by the thief. Rolling out of his grasp she reached out at grabbed a nearby lamp The base hit her opponents head with a satisfying clunk just as Mike rushed into the room.

“Good job,” Mike surveyed the thief stretched on the ground surrounded by broken bits of lampshade. “But I wanted to shoot him.”

“I’ll let you shoot the next one,” Guinny slipped a companionable arm through his.

“That’s not the same,” he pouted.

Whew! *wipes brow* Tell me what you think?
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